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I think I like how this one turned out

On the twelfth day of Christmas, trish_punch sent to me...
Twelve onecrazymothers drumming
Eleven justhumans piping
Ten fings a-leaping
Nine catwithbells dancing
Eight broadway musicals a-milking
Seven mysteries a-costuming
Six squirrels a-baking
Five ba-a-a-altimore orioles
Four moody blues
Three baltimore ravens
Two logic puzzles
...and a chocolate in a tim curry.
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Mmmm...chocolate Tim Curry... And there *are* 4 men considered the core of the Moody Blues. And onecrazymother does like to drum. And only about 3 of the Ravens are playing well lately... And this is the first one I tried. Maybe I'll play a bit later and see what other combinations it gives me. But I think I like this one...
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