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The *other* type of adult content

The car which I usually drive has a dead battery.  At least that is what I hope is the problem and not alternators or generators or any other expensive sounding "ator" type piece.

I got a call from The Boy's school early this morning saying that he has thrown up and that I need to come pick him up.  I call Hubby, who luckily works 10 minutes from home.  He comes home, we pick up The Sick Boy, drop off Daddy and The Boy and I come home.  The Boy keeps throwing up, mostly nothing (it seems to be one of those "we need the body empty NOW" kinds of maladies).  Hopefully that will be short-lived, beyond this afternoon.

We will go pick up Daddy after he calls to say he is done working, keeping my stock pot with us in the car in case The Boy needs it.

The decorations will wait until this evening when we are all home, or until tomorrow, although The Boy will probably still be home, for caution's sake.  

The Christmas cards are ordered and should be ready on Wednesday.  The family pictures are supposed to get picked up on Thursday afternoon, assuming I have a car at that point.  

Oh, and my m-i-l's meds had to be changed, because her "numbers were changing."  Hopefully the wonder drugs will keep working and we'll have her around for a while longer.

And I miss the northeast, and having my family and friends in easy driving distance, whether we actually drove that distance or not.  Even with a move that was my idea, it's getting a bit tougher around the holidays.  This too shall pass, not unlike a kidney stone.

THIS is my version of "adult content."  Children under 14 should not view it in case they are deterred from the illusion that everything is so cool once one becomes a grown up.

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