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Busy, but happy busy

The in-laws made it here safely on Sunday.  So far, we are having a really nice visit.  Hubby is out fishing with his dad, because it is a beautiful evening here.

It's time to start/continue looking for a full-time teaching position.  I've been very lucky since this new year.  I got a week-long assignment with middle school ESL kids to start the year right away.  I had a good time with them and the other teachers in that program seemed to like me.

In the past few weeks, I've been lucky to work at The Boy's school.  I've been working Resource/Special Ed, which I have really been enjoying. 

So...I have decided to take the teaching content tests for both Math 8-12 and Special Ed EC-12.  "When?" you may ask.  How does the end of March for one and a week later for the other sound?  Job fairs are coming up and it's hiring time at the school districts.

So, this will be challenging and enjoyable.

That is what I am up to.

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Monday, Monday...

Slightly strange day at school today.  The adults all seemed tired and the kids tended to be flakier than usual.  Full moon was last week.  Hmm...
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Who Dat?

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints!  It was a pretty good game; we enjoyed watching it.  Our favorite teams weren't in it, so it wasn't as intense in past years, but overall a good time was had.

And I was surprised over how simple the Tebow commercial was.  The pro-abortion groups were in a tizzy over that?  Sheesh.

Overall, a good game.  Ooh, and loved the half-time show! 
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When we left the house this morning, it was 41 degrees with a steady rain. Snow staring mixing in with the rain as I was dropping The Boy off at school. I went shopping for a bit, and when I came out, a beautiful light snow was falling. It is so pretty outside! It's sticking a little on the lawn and hopefully it will keep up enough that the kiddies can play in it after school. The temperature is supposed to drop all day, so I am just worried about driving around with people who aren't used to this kind of weather.

Houston has set a new record for the earliest recorded snowfall. WOOT! It's not a White Christmas (nor a white Chanukah) but we'll take it! Maybe I'll dig out the Christmas cards and start on those....


I'm tempted to take The Boy out of school early so we can play, but I'll be good... ;)
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Not buying the BS doesn't make one "pro-pollution"

(Title based on a comment seen by someone upset by the global warming "deniers" exposing fraud)

I'm reading different sources about criticisms of the treatment of data, and treatment of dissenting voices, and the potential flaws in their models. One source (concerning the models) is a blog whose link I have posted below.

Unfortunately, I don't know if the politicians out there who are basing major world policy changes on this really care if the science is bad or if the whole theory is wrong. I think some of them want to make global changes and don't care what the justification is. I think some of them are doing this at their own peril, risking losing their jobs and power if the people under them get tired of having their lives drastically changed because of false pretenses.

There is NOT a consensus among scientists that a man-made global warming crisis is imminent or real. There is a petition with the signatures of over 31,000 scientists who say the crisis is not supported by science. The link for this petition is below.

Just because man-made global warming is not what Al said it was, does not mean that we as human beings should not be good to our mother earth. It makes perfect sense to be using renewable forms of energy WHEN AND WHERE PRACTICAL. Personally, we get our electricity from an energy company that generates it using only wind and solar generators. It is practical and possible here to do that. I believe that if you can use renewable energy, it's a good choice. It's not always practical. For example, Seattle would not be a good place for this. I believe nuclear energy, and natural gas, and fossil fuels, and other renewable sources combined can make enough energy for the entire planet. Keeping the options open is a good thing.

Okay, there's other news to talk about. I hope you all are keeping warm with the cooler weather heading to many of our areas.



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